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“All of those who care about women’s position in society must treat each other with empathy and respect. We are still far from agreement, but if we do not learn to attend to each other, how can we expect others to attend to us?” ~ Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

The comments policy of derives, like the blog itself, from the work of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. Here, we will dialogue with interest in each other’s point of view, anxious to hear as well as be heard, insisting upon a feminine style of discussion. The following guidelines apply to all comments. Any comments that do not comply will be removed.

  1. Avoid derisive language, ridiculing and name-calling. Avoid cynicism and sarcasm. Cursing, caricaturizing and mocking are not permitted; validation, compliments and empathy are encouraged.
  2. Phrase your point with clarity and charity. Disagree with respect and reason.

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